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To understand Islamic education can not be done simply by looking at a piece of what is found in the reality of Islamic education , but should be seen from the value system on which the paradigm. Hasan stated Langgulung very wrong when reviewing only Islamic education from educational institutions that emerged in the history of Islam, from the curriculum, let alone of teaching methods, and release. Islamic ideology issues, ideology or paradigm of Islamic education is a complete picture of the deity, the universe, and of all the people associated with the Islamic educational theory that everything is a unified whole and complete . [1]Thus required an effort to reaffirm the necessary paradigm for developing Islamic education. In the implementation of education as a reciprocal process between educators engage students with educational factors in order to achieve the educational objectives based on certain values​​. Certain values ​​that is then referred to as the basic paradigm of education. The term basic education paradigm is intended as a foundation footing or foundation establishment of an educational system .
Basic paradigm is identical to the basic Islamic education of Islam itself. Both come from the same source, namely Al-Quran and al - Hadith. From both sources is then emerged a number of ideas about Muslim issues covering various aspects, including the issue of Islamic education. Basic education as Islam Al-Quran and Al-Hadith is a reference to find, create and develop paradigms, concepts, principles, theories, and techniques of Islamic education. Tafseer Ahmad stated that education in Islam is a series of human empowerment process towards maturity, both intellectually, mentally and morally, to carry out the functions carried humanity as a servant of God and as a vicegerent on earth. Because the function of education is to prepare students with the skills and expertise required in order to have the ability and readiness to plunge into the community. In the history of Islamic civilization trajectory educational role is really able to form a civilization that Islamic civilization was once the leading civilization civilization color throughout the Arabian Peninsula to Eastern Europe. For the existence of an educational paradigm that empowers learners is a necessity.
Progress of the Islamic civilization and culture can not be separated from the system and conducted educational paradigm at that time. Awareness of the importance of science and education among Muslims does not appear suddenly, spontaneously or suddenly. This awareness emerged from a long process that began in the early days of Islam (Muhammad Rasul period) At that time Muhammad always instill awareness on the urgency of his companions and science and always encourage Muslims to seek knowledge constantly. This is evidenced by the many traditions that explain the urgency and primacy of science and people who have knowledge. After Muhammad died, his companions and the Muslims in general to continue this mission by instilling awareness of the importance of knowledge to succeeding generations, so that this awareness became flesh among Muslims and reached its peak in the eleventh century until the beginning of the XIII century AD Forerunner of Islamic education began when Umar bin Khatab send officers specifically to different areas of Islam to be a resource person for the Muslim community in the region. They usually live in the mosque and taught about Islam to Muslims through khalaqoh-khalaqoh special majlis to study religion and reviewing discipline and other matters in accordance with what the community needed.
Istitusi modern Islamic education emerged in the late tenth century With the establishment of the college (university) Al-Azhar in Cairo. In addition to libraries and laboratories equipped by also teaching curriculum already in place that contains the disciplines to be taught to students. The curriculum is the curriculum taught impartial. Makdunya than religious sciences are also taught sciences sepertilogika sense, medicine, geography, mathematics and so on. Istitusi ideal Islamic education at that time the other is Nizamiyah madrasah. This college has been using the school system. Meaning specified time student enrollment, increase test, the final exam schools, fund management itself, complete facilities, selective recruitment of teaching staff , and the provision of scholarships for outstanding student. In addition to the educational institution that has a high capability, in the heyday of Islam, science activities really get serious attention from the government. So that academic freedom can actually be implemented, freedom of speech is really appreciated, academics are always encouraged to continually develop knowledge through discussion forums, the library.

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