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My experience

     My childhood experience was period of playing with friends, tireless, don't know time, all day just play while there were friends after school i immediately played. My friends were all day only me and my sister were girl. My friends used to come home to ask play, various games such as playing marbles a circle, that's where we knew what is was to lose and win a game. There was also a game of hide and seek, the rule closed eyea and hiding, if the first caught he/she must closed eye. Beside it we had been palying kinels for several hour, we bought or made by your self and played in field kinets.       We had climbed tree quite high to take cherry fruit that tasted sweet, it's orange, red and green. Other experience was my friends and i had played football until we were scolded for screaming, but still we played. Beside playing with friends i also played with my sister, played sellings, materials from, banana leaves, flowers, soils and stones, those were very intertainin